Introduction to Neural Networks

What is machine learning?

  • Machine learning (ML) is a techinque which uses computers to discover patterns or information about your data.
  • It is a part of the wider field of artificial intelligence
  • There are lots of different types of machine learning

Examples of machine learning

  • Simplest ML algorithm could be a linear regression. It automatically and iteratively looks at your data to calculate the parameters of your $y = mx + c$ curve
  • A more advenced technique is K-means clustering. It is a way of finding clusters of points in your data without having to input any explicit labels.
  • The most famous is neural networks (NN) which were inspired by the brain and use a directed network of connected neurons to describe features of the data set.
    • More recently (since about 2010) deep neural networks (DNN) have become possible, allowing more detailed models of data to be learned starting the modern buzz for deep learning.