Introduction to NumPy

What is NumPy

NumPy (short for Numerical Python and pronouced num-pea or num-pie) is a third-party Python module for numerical programming. Any time you have collections of numbers, either one-, two- or more dimensional, then NumPy is likely to help you out. It provides you with a large suite of tools, algorithms and techniques. It is one of the most commonly used Python packages around and is used in the majority of Python-based scientific software.

It complements the other major tool in this area, Pandas, which is a data analysis package. To learn more about Pandas, have a look at the Introduction to Data Analysis in Python course. NumPy is well-suited to dealing with n-dimensional grids of numbers, while Pandas is best for tables of data. They work well together, and in fact, Pandas is built on top of NumPy.

Table of contents for the course